About Us

A Fashion Brand That Grew with Its Customers In the heart of Chennai, Easy 2
Wear emerged as a small boutique in 2001, spanning just 400 square feet. Our
initial focus was on retailing export surplus clothing, and our journey truly unfolded
when we engaged closely with our customers to understand their unique tastes
and preferences.

Harnessing the power of customer feedback, we consistently refined our
collections, evolving to meet the dynamic demands of our clientele. This
customer-centric approach paved the way for the creation of our own distinctive
brands. The result? A remarkable expansion from our humble beginnings to a
sprawling 8000-square-foot establishment, equipped with in-house factories and
strategic production collaborations.

Today, Easy 2 Wear proudly stands as a comprehensive destination for quality
fashion, serving families not only locally but also drawing in customers from
around the globe. Our commitment to understanding and meeting customer needs
found a niche in Plus-Size Clothing, where meticulous groundwork with our
customers led us to perfect cuts and fits that garnered immense popularity and
high demand across India.

Internationally, our brand has garnered a loyal following in places such as
the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and beyond. Visitors from around the
world make it a point to shop with us during their visits. Recognizing the vast
potential of a robust e-commerce model, we see it as the logical next step to
further expand our reach and serve our diverse customer network more
effectively and seamlessly by setting up online sales.